About Us

MARXIST LENINIST PARTY OF INDIA (RED FLAG), called shortly as MLPI (Red Flag), is having political inheritance of Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist) Red Flag that was formed in 1988.

It is the vanguard of the proletariat in India and the historic continuity of experience of the Communist Party of India that was formed in Tashkent in 1920 by the Indian Communist Revolutionaries on exile, of its heroic saga of anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggles as part of the freedom movement, of the 1951 Statement of Policy by the undivided CPI, of the history of the fight against revisionism  in 1964 and of the fight against neo-revisionism in 1967 along with the Great Naxalbari Struggle, by way of imbibing the historic experience of the political ideological struggles and the resulted formations of Communist Party of India (Marxist), known in short as  CPI(M), and Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist ) in 1964 and 1969.

At the same time, the party fully realises that erroneous anti-proletarian ideological political deviations have occurred within CPI (ML) due to the influences of such deviations happened in the international communist movement by 1968-1969 and is resolved to follow relentless endeavor to fulfill the task of Ideological-Political-Organisational Reorganization that rectifies those erroneous anti-proletarian ideological political deviations thoroughly and recasts the party into a Bolshevik party in content and form.


The party upholds the ideology, politics and practice of Marxism Leninism, adheres to anti-imperialism and scientific socialism, wields the position that scientific socialism is a period and process of transition under proletarian dictatorship that will only culminate by achieving communist society and stands committed to international fraternal action for achieving it. The party fights against all sorts of revisionism, sectarianism and right-wing left-wing opportunism. As part and parcel of this, the party strives to build up Marxist Leninist cadre party organization following the principle of democratic centralism, embedded amidst class - mass organisations in the Bolshevik method, according to the guidelines set by the Communist International and works to realise the programme of New Democratic Revolution (NDR) in India.

 The party shall utilise all forms of struggles including parliamentary and extra-parliamentary struggles that suit concrete conditions in order to rally peasantry and other classes and sections of the society that are bearing the interests of the NDR under the leadership of the proletariat in increased strength to attain the programmatic goal. For this, the party tries to forge utmost united alliance between the proletariat and the peasantry; so that, the Worker Peasant Alliance (WPA) would be the core force of class alliance and the most effective bulwark that can attract and galvanise other toiling masses and friendly classes to it for the revolutionary sociopolitical change as envisaged in NDR programme.